Waka Flocka is definitely one turnt up individual, and this is a fact. Additionally, it is known that the rapper has an IDGAF attitude especially at his shows. 

Well apparently last night, one unsuspecting concert goer was on the receiving end of the rapper's wrath as Flocka essentially shit on the kid. While that may sound like a drastic jump to an even more drastic conclusion, it's not far fetched nor far from the truth.

Long story short, a fraternity kid named Kyle Weber wore his president Trump basketball jersey to Flocka's concert stop in Georgia last night and subsequently had it taken from him by the rapper and had to watch him wipe his ass with the jersey in the middle of the show.

You can watch the video for yourself below courtesy of the tweet from @LifeOfDro.

While it may seem as though the rapper lured the defenseless kid into giving him the jersey, Weber knew what sort of potential trouble he would be getting himself into before wearing the jersey to the concert as he acknowledged his troll-like behavior in a tweet before and after the show.

Did Flocka go too hard in the paint? You can view the responses from the victim below and leave us with your comments on the situation.