Since Waka Flocka and Gucci Mane have parted ways as friends, not much has been clarified about the situation, with both Waka and Gucci remaining tight-lipped about the beef between them.

Waka previously said that there's no animosity between him and Gucci, although it hasn't always seemed that's true-- Waka dissed Gucci on stage, and Gucci dissed Waka on Twitter. Now Waka Flocka gives his thoughts on the root of their problem-- jealousy.

While on the Combat Jack Show, Waka spoke on his rise in the music industry, from being an A&R assistant to his mom, to then becoming an artist himself. When asked about Gucci Mane being a mentor to Waka in his early days, the rapper denies that.

Waka explains he did everything on his own, "Nobody helped me do shit. Not my mama, not Gucci... This shit Waka."

He continued to say he doesn't know what secret feelings Gucci is hiding against him, and that seems to have led to their falling out. "I don't know what secret feelings that man got," Waka said. "From my personal opinion it gotta be jealousy or envy or something."

Check out the interview with Waka below.