As reported by Complex, Waka Flocka is branching out into philanthropy, television, film and music genres other than rap. He discussed his current projects during an interview at the recent Garden of Dreams talent show in New York City, and had some surprising things to say.

"Musically, I do Hip Hop, but I'm not a Hip Hop fan... I can't even tell you where Hip Hop started," he told the Artisan News Network. "I want to tap into house, electric, EDM... everything. I don't want to be stuck in a refrigerator." He's recently been in the lab with Diplo and Flosstradamus, and is looking to work with other artists outside of rap. He's apparently written a cartoon series for Adult Swim and the Cartoon Network as well, and has been offered multiple film roles. He didn't elaborate on this, though. 

Waka's also been getting into philanthropy in his native Atlanta, and is working on building a YMCA in his old neighborhood. Unfortunately, he's met with delays because of the expensive insurance package required to build an Olympic-sized swimming pool. Here's hoping he can make it work. 

Peep the full interview below, and cop DuFlocka Rant: Half-Time Show in our mixtape section.