Waka Flocka's debut album, Flockaveli, dropped in 2010, and its influence is still felt immensely in rap today. With the official sequel on the way, it's important for Waka to produce something just as special for his fans. In an exclusive interview with HNHH, Flocka spoke of his approach to the sequel, which he wants to do in a similar style to the debut-- namely, only working with those in his close circle.

"I wanted to go with my own producers. The new guys on the block," said Flocka of the beats he's picked out for the LP. "[Honorable] C-Note, Southside, you know 808 Mafia is behind my whole project regardless."

Flocka then went on to reveal that he's not seeking out big features the way most rappers do for their albums. "I'm not saying I can't get these features. Lord knows, they fucking easy. Every contact be in my pocket," he said. "Just because we hot don't mean we deserve a Jay Z feature. I don't deserve a Kanye feature. Get excited about the craft, not about being famous. If you're not doing from the heart, why are you rapping?"

The BSM leader suggested rapping with his close friends is always prefereble for him. "I'd rather have my boy next to me," he shared. "We eat cereal together, why not rap together? Once again, I don't deserve them big features."

Waka then revealed himself to be a card-carrying poptimist, arguing that what you listen to does not define whether or not you're a "gangsta." "I know I'm not no punk, no pussy, no lame, no sucker, but that's not gonna stop me from doing EDM. That's not going to stop me from doing a Lady Gaga feature," he said. "A gangsta's who you are. It's how you live. That's gangsta, you can read, listen to pop music, and be with your boys, and still be yourself."

Watch the full interview below.