Waka Flocka has been busy pulling all-nighters in the studio working away at Flockaveli 2 and the music that will drop before his album's release. He recently told Paper Magazine  that Zaytoven produced a CD he's set to drop before her his anticipated project, adding, "I think the streets deserve that. Atlanta deserves that, and we doing this CD for Atlanta."

Touching on a variety of topics during his chat with the publication - such as how he think's hip-hop hasn't "changed at all" and it's just "people are not accepting the new generation" - Waka also explains how he dropped the "vegan card" because it's a scary thing to be. He explains how he got so conditioned to just reading the label on products. 

"What I call myself now is a conscious eater, meaning I'm conscious about the things I put in my mouth, and about the things that I drink," he explains. "I think saying that I'm a vegan is like putting a title on me. I'm making myself sound like I'm better than somebody else. If I'm saying I'm vegan and you're not vegan, what does that make you? A sloppy motherfucker? It fucks with me."

As for his other ventures outside music and healthy eating, Waka tells Paper that he's pursuing other avenues after he just purchased a gas station. "I got different kinds of ventures now. Music is fun, but I made some money. Like how rich do I wanna get? I got rich as shit," he adds.