Waka Flocka has been keeping busy working on new music, amidst Gucci Mane conflicts. As the rapper said yesterday on RapFix Live, he does not want to ever work with Gucci again. So although we may not be seeing any Gucci Mane features on the two upcoming mixtapes he's been working on, there are sure to be other gems for fans on there.

Waka discussed the upcoming projects, which include DuFlocka Rant Halftime Show and Y'all Can't Flock With Me, as well as his newest tape, with Pigeons & Planes recently. He also touched on the problems with Gucci Mane, and it sounds like he doesn't even know what the beef is between them. He spoke on getting into movies and a role he just picked up, as well as yet another tape, Flockavelli 2, which already has a release date for October 5th. 

Check out excerpts from the interview below. 

Let’s talk about the new mixtape a little bit. What were your goals for it?
DuFlocka Rant 2? My goal for DuFlocka Rant was to show people about Flockavelli and Waka Flocka. I ventured off and tried to grab other styles and other venues, other markets, and I succeeded. I conquered them. Plus, I feel like my aura is my clear. My music is way clearer than it was when I first came out because the vocabulary wasn’t there, all I knew was the hood. Rapping showed me how to walk in certain lights, communicate with certain people. Things I didn’t know, I shut up, paid attention, grabbed the information, and acted like I knew it all my life.

You have two more mixtapes before summer?
Yes, I have two more mixtapes. Might drop one on the 30th, it's a strong possibility. It's called DuFlocka Rant Halftime Show. It’s like a halftime show at a game, it’s just modest, eating light songs. Fans will love it, I feel like they deserve it. I bullshitted all last year so now I came out to play this year. The next one is Ya’ll Can’t Flock With Me, it’s hard as hell. No schedule in mind, it’s hard as fuck though.

Have you been in the studio with anyone new or different recently?
Recently I’ve been in studio with Wyclef, Raekwon. Did a record with T.I. for the first time. It was crazy, great record, 50K.

I know you’re probably getting sick of being asked this, but I wanted to ask you about Gucci. You've been in fights before right?
Me and Gucci… nah we’ve never had altercations, like public shit like this. I feel like maybe he know something I don’t know? Maybe it’s jealousy. I don’t fucking know, I never had a conversation with him. I really don’t care to have a conversation with him. The space I’m in in life right now, I try to get negative energy away from me. I don’t know man, that’s not the person for me.

I don’t need a guy with negative energy. Fuck the music, I don’t care how good your music is, if you’re not a good person, you’re music is going to fall with you. You can’t help somebody that doesn’t want to be helped, it’s impossible. I’m done trying to help. I just heard today that he got arrested. That’s sad.

Do you have anything else you want to talk about?
Flockavelli 2 comes out on October 5. Make sure they copy that I just signed to William Morris. That talent route, going hard, I’m loving it. Just got my first movie role. A gangsta movie, I gotta do what I know for now. The name of the movie is a question mark, but my name in it is Lil Boogie. I’m gonna be Lil Boogie. I’m not gonna lie, this movie got names. I know for a fact that the other rapper they got in it is DMX. And I think they said Steven Seagal? I’m not sure though.

Read the full interview here.