Waka Flocka and Wiz Khalifa are worlds apart when it comes to rapping, so it may seem strange that the two opposites had a beef for sometime. It appears that their beef is no more, as Wiz spits about talking to Waka on the remix of Drake's "Started From The Bottom." 

Wiz Khalifaspits on his verse,"And I just seen Waka the other day/He wasn’t trippin', we just talked about the money we been makin'." Waka visited Shade 45, and while talking to DJ Self and DJ Superstar, the Brick Squad rapper opened up on why he squashed his beef with Wiz.

"You know what it is, it's 2013. I'm like, fuck it, you know what I mean. All fake beef and real beef I'ma spread 'em apart. That's fake beef. I got real shit going on right now. Real shit I gotta focus on right now. No shit you put in metaphors, no shit you put in bars, like it's real right now. I'ma cut every throat right now, I don't want no nigga to block no door, but the one he standing in," Waka said. 

He added that Wiz Khalifa wasn't causing any real trouble for him, and he also didn't see any point in risking anything career-wise for encouraging the beef. "I'm lookin' at this nigga like, this nigga ain't do nothing remotely dangerous to me. When it coulda been something it was nothing, so it was dead there, that's why I never pressed it." He added, "Nigga's gettin' money though,  so I'm like, the fuck, if I punch him in the face I might lose this endorsement deal."

On the possibility of the two now collaborating together, Waka Flocka says he's unsure, but he does know that could bring in a lot of dollars. "Ionno, it's a lot of chicken," he said.

Check out the interview below.