Waka Flocka Flame is on a constant journey of self-improvement, and along the way, he likes to often drop off pearls of wisdom. Back in March, the rapper admitted that fatherhood made him reevaluate his lyrical content, and it's safe to assume that many of his controversies that have made headlines over the years also caused him to examine his personal life.

On Thursday, Waka shared a clip to his Instagram page when he wanted to encourage his followers to get right with themselves and stop putting up a front. "You know the biggest battle you will...one of the biggest battles probably in life that you gon' face is war with yourself," he began. "That's gon' be the biggest battle that you probably face in the beginning of your life. 'Cause warring with yourself, warring with who you are growing up and what you thought you 'bout to be 'til realizing who you are and what you became, that's deep."

"For anybody that don't realize that, prepare yourself. 'Cause that's gon' make you or f*ckin' break you," he added, also stating that what happens to us, many times, it's a direct result of how we treat and see ourselves. "Not money, not position, not nothin'. You can't get none of that without breaking yourself. Can't nobody break you unless you broke yourself. Can't nobody trick you unless you tricked yourself. Can't nobody help you win unless you didn't help yourself to win. So what I'm telling y'all, y'all need to empower yourself. But be selfless and not selfish. Facts." Do you agree?