Gucci Mane's lengthy twitter rant was certainly a spectacle, but left a lot of people wondering how much of it was based on fact, and ho much was completely fabricated. Gucci Mane called out plenty of rappers, and got pretty explicit in recalling his sexual history. In an effort to validate his claims, one phrase that kept coming up was "ask Flocka". HOT 97 did just that, though the BSM rapper didn't have much support for GuWop's stories.

Waka began by stating that he's positive Gucci was behind the keyboard, despite the Trap God's efforts to play it off as a hack. “I don't believe it,” he said, explaining that he predicted the "hack" excuse would come out eventually.

The Atlanta rapper expressed confusion over why Gucci would rant in the first place "If you're getting that much money. Why are you worrying about people?" he said. "That's a real lame right there".

Flocka argued that if GuWop had actually done the things he claimed to, he'd be bragging about them on record. "How do you believe this lyin' ass nigga?" he asked. "Even half that stuff. You know how many bragging points... that's something to rap about right there."

On Gucci's claims of sleeping with Nicki Minaj, Waka made sure to clear the air. "That's the homie though. She a stand up woman. She wasn't showing no symptoms of opening them legs." he said, indicating that Nicki's time in Atlanta was all business. "She had a golden plan. Like 'I came down here to turn up.' Period".

The BSM trapper said that while Gucci did approach Nicki, she was not interested. "When I see her gun Gucci down, and gun someone else down, I'm like that's out of the question. That's my mom's investment," he said.

Waka revealed that his mother, and owner of Mizay entertainment, Deb Antney, was the one who brought Nicki to Atlanta. "My mother brought her down there." he said. "Gucci didn't know her from a can of paint. He didn't know who the hell she was."

Watch the full interview below.