For many rappers who enter into the music industry, the end goal is to become rich and famous. They want to enjoy all of the luxuries of life with a never-ending bank account—but for others, solidifying themselves as power players in the business world is the ultimate goal. It's common to see artists move between being in the spotlight and the boardroom, including Waka Flocka who recently revealed his motivation behind finding new streams of revenue outside of hip hop.

Waka Flocka Wack Rappers
Cindy Ord / Stringer / Getty Images

"Imma be honest with you," Waka told Everyday Struggle. "In 2012, 2013, I had $30 million. At that point in life—I'm being, real, on my dead brother—why was I rapping? I'm rich. I wanted to be rich. So, from that time to right now, I wanted to figure out how can I become a billionaire and a multi-millionaire off of business. Because I did it with rap. I was a wack rapper, like I knew I was wack, but I was real. See what I'm saying? My realness overcame my wackness."

Waka went on to list his favorite emcees including DMX, Nas, KRS-One, and Goodie Mob. "I can't rap like them folks," Waka said, adding that if he were to get in the booth with Kendrick Lamar, K-Dot would out-rap him. "For me, this is just me talking for me. This is me. I'm a Gemini so my only friends gon' be me," he said. "I'm a wack rapper but a hell of an entertainer." Check out Waka Flocka's appearance on Everyday Struggle below.