Brick Squad’s Waka Flocka is one of the artists on the rise who really broke through in 2012.  He’s a presence on the mic, and in real life as he’s 6’7 tall.  In an interview on WILD 94.9, Waka said that he doesn’t believe he deserves massive features on his tracks yet, but he is working towards it.  The towering emcee, who is an avid basketball player and fan also chimed in on the NBA and put LeBron James on blast for being “a sellout”.

While he has appeared as a feature on some big tracks, the BSM rapper still thinks he’s a little ways off from deserving some of the biggest names in hip hop to jump on his joints.  He chalks this up to still being relatively new to the game saying to WILD 94.4, via HHDX, “I still feel like I don’t deserve a Kanye feature, a Jay-Z feature, a 50 [Cent] feature... I been rapping since ’09. I gotta work. I probably give it til next year,” even adding, “I don’t even know how to count bars still. It’s still new to me.”

The NBA tipped off on Tuesday and the defending champs, the Miami Heat, led by reigning MVP, LeBron James, played the Boston Celtics.  Weighing in on the league MVP, the ATL rapper says Kobe is still a better ball player, and he even takes a jab at LBJ.  “As a basketball player, I’ll say Kobe Bryant,” Waka doesn’t say this easily, “And I hate Kobe Bryant. I feel like LeBron’s a sellout. No matter what nobody say. As a kid growing up it was never about no check or no ring. It was about, ‘I play basketball man. I’m happy because I’m in the NBA.’ Now everybody, it’s like a check and a ring.”