On Sunday, Waka Flocka took to his Instagram page to share the artwork for his next single called “Was My Dawg,” and he even tagged “La Flare 1017” in the photo. So it’s pretty obvious why one would think the song is going to be about his former “dawg” Gucci Mane, but apparently that’s not the case. In a recent interview with BBC Radio, Flocka addressed his upcoming single, which arrives tomorrow (Wednesday) and said it’s about the whole industry, not Gucci.

With Gucci then being the topic, Waka went on to say that a reunion with him will never happen, and that Bricksquad is history. “It aint never happening. That Bricksquad was history. I enjoyed it, I loved it, it made me who I am today. It made him who he was today, but enough is enough man. The internet is not the streets.”

Later, Waka addressed his non-existent beef with Gucci Mane, before trying to expose him for not hitting up East Atlanta since getting out of jail.

“Hey, since he been out, did he shoot a video in East Atlanta? Since Gucci been out, did he shoot a video in East Atlanta? Alright. I’m exposing these folks. I ain’t no hater, I’m just exposing. Atlanta got real big dogs, real kings of the east. East Atlanta got real kings. It ain’t one person.”

Watch the full interview (below), and look for the controversial single "Was My Dawg" to drop Wednesday.