For starters it needs to be stated that DJ Holiday is one of the greatest mixtape DJ’s out there. With Classic’s like French Montana’sMister 16: Casino Life, and Gucci Mane’sWritings on the Wall 2, he definitely deserves the honor. That said, his work with Waka Flocka is equally admirable, and considering this new chapter in their celebrated series the crack continues to cook.

The three things every Waka project needs are as follows: trunk rattling beats, hard-hitting hooks, and features with savage sixteens. Essential ingredients all of them, and in taking inventory let’s begin with the beats. More than half of the tracks on the tape are scored by Sizzle & TM88, (Brick Squad teammates and members of the 808 Mafia). Their sound suits Waka well, especially on records like “Murda” with Chief Keef and “50k” featuring Gucci Mane. Also, Terry On Da Beats deserves a shout out for his work on the outro “Realest Shit I Ever Wrote”. Speaking of that 2-Pac inspired anthem it’s time to talk hooks.

“Death of Me,” is an obvious example of a memorable hook. Repetitive and reckless, it acts like a kamikaze’s prayer. Then there’s “J Well,” which is a shout-out to Josh Powell of the Atlanta Hawks, where he yells, “I said I’m ballin’ like I’m J Well… I’m a get money nigga ain’t it hard to tell”,simple and incessant, but enthusiastic enough to keep the streets vibrating. Perhaps best of all is “2 glocks, 1 blunt and a bad bitch. I’m flexing on these niggas Randy Savage”.  Yes, “Randy Savage” is certified heat, and with an energetic appearance from Frenchie it’s also a solid Brick Squad outing.

As for the best appearances overall, turn to tracks 7 and 9. Roscoe Dash is decent on “Turnt,” but Wale is unforgettable.  MMG’s lead lyricist gets crazy with his syllables, impressing the ear by boosting a sparse beat with an intricate flow. Number 9 is “Money Pile”, which has an array of features, none better than Gucci Mane. The trap god goes in on the haunting instrumental, “Like Jesse Jackson I had to struggle. Life is a hustle I had to juggle, like Jesse Tuggle. I had to muscle, and you’s a lame you had to cuff her. Respect the game, I had to buss-her.”  These are all bangers, but without question the song that has the highest replay value is "I Got Em" featuring Trae Da Truth.

You’ve got to be ignorant to think the streets would stay quiet.  Waka remains one of the loudest acts out willing to defy such cantankerous critics. So ban him from America if you will, but the streets will keep him cranked and crowned as their audacious prince.