While a fairly divisive effort upon release, Waka Flocka's debut album, Flockaveli has proved to be one of the most influential rap albums in recent memory. Big Homie Flock has been consistently releasing new and increasingly varied material since, but he always promised he'd get back to his punishing beginnings on Flockaveli 2.

The album has been hinted at many times over the years, but today we've been given what may be the most promising evidence of its existence yet -- the official cover artwork. Flocka posted the image to his Instagram today, but kept details fairly light, writing "Just wait on it #Flockaveli2".

Take a look at the artwork in the gallery above, and check out our interview with Flock, in which he touches on the Flockaveli sequel, as well as his forthcoming EDM rap album, Flockaveli Psychotics