50 Cent has mentioned that he had made an attempt to talk to Chief Keef, and give hime some advice on his lifestyle. However, after being arrested time after time since 50's words, it's pretty clear at this point that Keef is playing by his own rules. In a recent interview, 50 spoke on why Keef may have not taken his advice, as well as the similarities he sees between the GBE rapper and his fromer self.

“I actually was attracted to the Chief Keef thing." said 50. "Cause I was like, ‘I can help him. I know what to do. Just do this.’ He didn’t listen…He’s a man…So, when I talk to him, [he] don’t have to take it. I’m not his father. That’s his business. It’s certain things that I look at and go ‘If you play your hand this way, you can be good. If you go them other ways, you gon’ have a hard time.’ And them bumps in the road they’re there for you. It’s not like you exempt.”

Curtis then went on to express how he acted similarly to Sosa in his younger days. “Chief Keef’s project is the 50 Cent project,” he explained. “It’s the same project. In the beginning, he’s completely influenced by the environment. That’s the nightmare. He’s gonna go through what actually happened. And he’s gonna get bumped around. If you catch on and you start to actually say, ‘What’s the [roof] of the situation? I want to be at the highest point I can actually take it in this actual situation.’ And you stop being conscious of your actions and things that’s going on around you then you can actually evolve into something significant.”