Some men want their wives bodies to be for their eyes only, while others want to show off their women to the world. Waka Flocka belongs to the latter camp. In a recent IG post, Flockaveli snapped a picture of wife Tammy Rivera, while she was in the middle of enjoying a shower. And while he censored out the most revealing part, it's still highly NSFW; if that's the sort of thing you might be interested in, head over to Flocka's IG page to check out the picture right here.

And while some have reacted by tearing him apart in the comment section, he did shower his wife with praise in the caption, stating "Real ASS Real Hair REAL ASS WOMAN...Real live mine."

Clearly, the man loves authenticity. However, is there really anybody out there who prefers a fake ass over a real one? Genuine question. And while it's unclear whether Flocka will keep the picture up, nobody can dispute that the couple aren't one of hip-hop's longstanding partnership, despite a few rough patches. Since being married in 2014, Flocka has helped raise Rivera's daughter Charlie as his own, and you have to respect that. Plus, take a look at that shower; you already know the water pressure is on point.

In other Flocka news, the rapper recently broke down his falling out with Gucci Mane, which you can check out by hitting the link above.