A Henry County, Ga. grand jury cleared rapper Waka Flocka Flame of several drug-related charges on Monday (May 2), concluding there was insufficient evidence for prosecution.

"All charges droped from when police ran N my house #GoDsGooD #squad," informed the 'No Hands' rapper via Twitter.

The puzzling situation unfolded on December 16, 2010. Waka Flocka was not around when police busted into his home on a tip that it was part of a prostitution ring. Brick Squad rapper Gucci Mane was present and cuffed, but let go shortly after. Waka turned himself in to police two weeks later on Jan. 3, and was charged with possession of less than an ounce of marijuana; possession of a firearm during the commission of a felony; possession of firearm by convicted felon; violation of probation for driving on a suspended license; and possession of the prescription drug hydrocodone. He was also charged with violating Georgia's 'Criminal Street Gang and Terror Prevention Act.' He was released a couple days later after posting $31,950 bail.Tuesd

This particular hip-hop circle has had its fair share of problems as of late. Flame's tour bus was shot up in February, but luckily no one was injured during the incident. Gucci Mane's most recent arrest -- there have been several -- was on April 8, where he was apprehended for battery after pushing a woman out of his vehicle when she refused to perform sexual acts for money. However, despite the trouble the two rappers plan on releasing the joint album 'Ferrari Boyz' on June 21.