Waka Flocka celebrated 4/20 last year be announced his candidacy for President of the United States. He laid out an expansive reform platform before realizing that he did not meet the legal age requirement for one to run for president. But who would the outspoken rapper vote for (if he were to vote)? Sitting in on The Nightly Show panel yesterday, he declared that his favorite presidential candidate is Hillary Clinton.

Joined by Mike Yard, Robin Thede, and host Larry Wilmore, Flocka expressed his view on Bill Clinton's controversial 1994 bill, the Violent Crime Control and Law Enforcement Act. "I think Bill's choice was more complex than he what thought it was going to be," Flocka said thoughtfully. "It was more long-term, it affected people. I think it probably made sense for the time... Is that law effective now? No, it hurts... I don't think Bill was looking at it that way."

While Bernie Sanders and 22 black Democrats voted in favor of the bill, Hillary voted against it. For this reason, and many others, Flocka holds a respect for the former First Lady.

"I don't feel nothing wrong with Hillary," he said. "If I was to vote for anyone, it would be Hillary... let's see what a woman gonna do."

Hillary has received endorsements from 50 Cent, Snoop Dogg, EminemPharrell, and most recentlyBobby Shmurda. Although Flocka's praise doesn't exactly amount to an endorsement; when Wilmore asked the panel who people should vote for, Flocka grunted and shook his head. At which point Mike Yard yelled "I'm voting for Waka Flocka!" and the crowd roared with delight.