Waka Flocka Flame's "Turn It To A Rave" Is A Full-On Fever Dream

Devin Ch
May 10, 2019 18:08

Waka Flaka Flocka enters the mindset of a raging EDM enthusiast.

Turn away right this second if the EDM subculture gives you the heebies. Waka Flocka's music video for "Turn It To A Rave" does exactly what it sets out to accomplish. As Waka commences his dismal chant of "turn it to a rave, turn it to a fuckin' rave" a series of disjointed lights take over the picture frame at the risk of a seizure.

Once you unfocus your gaze, the silhouette of Waka's dreadlocks comes into view, marking his first appearance since the opening montage. Then all of sudden, the viewer is thrust into a scenario where two non-descript characters raise their gas mask in anticipation of impending claustrophobia - by which you could surmise that everyone in the fold is down for a little asphyxiation. Not to mention, Waka Flocka's benefits from a bunch of non-sequiturs derived from an EDM-inspired film he's associated with in some capacity. Are you at all intrigued?


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