Last year, Waka Flocka Flame seemed to be more focused on bar-for-bar lyricism than bellowing on top of gargantuan trap beats, releasing the ironically-titled I Can't Rap Vol. 1 last summer as a culmination of a freestyle series. Since his infectious debut single, "O Let's Do It," dropped in 2009, Flock had been pigeonholed as a simplistic gangster who favored long sequences of "BOW!"s over intelligent 16s (leading to parodies as inflammatory as "Shawt Bus Shawty"), so it seemed like he set out to prove something with that "real rap" tape. At least partially achieving his goal of being recognized for his lyrical abilities, Flocka's next move was to drop The Turn Up Godz Tour tape yesterday.

If the title isn't enough of a hint, the fact that Big Homie Flock yells "Let's start a motherfucking mosh pit in this bitch!" within the first minute of the intro track should alert you that he's back to his old ways on the new project. In the spirit of Waka returning to his wild roots, we're looking back at his top 10 turn up anthems. These are his tracks that are guaranteed to pump some adrenaline into any party, even if some were released close to six years ago. As soon as you hear Lex Luger's producer tag and those unforgettable ad-libs, it's lit.

Now, most of these come from Flockaveli, as front-to-back, it's one of the most energetic tapes of the last decade, but we've also included some highlights from the DuFlocka Rant tapes, Triple F Life, the Gucci Mane collab Ferrari Boyz and more. Again, we're focusing on turn up tracks rather than Waka's most violent songs -- the gun-inspired ad-libs are unavoidable, but we've opted to leave out tracks like "TTG" and "Karma" that are more explicitly about taking down enemies than rolling up the loud and getting fucked up.