Footage of members of the SAE fraternity of the University Of Oklahoma gleefully performing a racist chant has gone viral today, and obviously people are pretty upset. Protests have broken out on the University grounds, where they've been joined by media documenting the scene. 

While many have spoken out on the disturbing nature of the video, Waka Flocka is the first member of the rap world to give his thoughts on the situation, calling the act "disgusting" on Instagram, and announcing that he would be cancelling his show at the university in protest.

The rapper posted a statement, where he explained how he's seen his following become more multicultural by the day, and stressed that his goal was to bring people together, an M.O. that the video very clearly works against. While he made sure not to blame the entire institution for the event, he maintained that he will not tolerate racism, closing with the wise words, "We can't change history but we damn sure can create our own future #DeathToRacism".

View his full post below.