The resurgence of Eminem's beef with Nick Cannon has sparked quite a few conversations in hip hop circles and among fans of the genre. The Detroit rapper took the first verbal blow this time around on Fat Joe's Family Ties track "Lord Above" featuring Mary J. Blige, but don't ask Joe to pick a side. "Let me tell you something," he recently told the paparazzi. "I love Nick Cannon, he's a good guy. Eminem's a very good friend of mine and they got they little personal hip hop thing goin'."

While Eminem's diss to Cannon came as a few bars on "Lord Above," Nick has crafted two diss tracks with the help of a few fellow rappers. The media mogul has hurled insults Em's way, but aside from trading a few snappy remarks at Cannon on social media, Marshall has refrained from putting any more of his feelings on wax.

Throughout his career, Eminem has been praised as a fierce rapper, but there are those who have shared their opinions on who could take on the 8 Mile emcee. Enter Waka Flocka who weighed in with his thoughts. "I was arguing [with] someone about 3 stacks can out rap Eminem any day," Waka wrote on Instagram. "Let's debate." Fans certainly took to his comment section to give their two cents, with many saying that Andre 3000's pen game is better while Eminem is a better freestyler. It's clear that Waka wasn't dissing Em and opinions, of course, varied from fans, so let us know if you agree with Waka's assessment.