Waka Flocka, frequent visitor of The Breakfast Club on Power 105, made a return to the show after his new mixtape DuFlocka Rant 2dropped. He spoke on the new tape, and his work ethic this year. As well the interview touched on the Rick Ross shooting and Gucci Mane attending career day in Atlanta.

Angela Yee read out Uncle Luke's letter to Rick Ross, giving him advice to deal with his beefs. Waka gave his input on the matter, saying it's nothing new for him.

"Welcome to the world, baby. Welcome to the life. That's all I can tell him. I've been going through this since I started. It's like, when you got money you should have problems, that's how I feel. When I get to the level where that man is, you better hope you don't utter word. I'm telling you, I feel sorry for whoever utter a word if I get in a position like that. There could be a lot of examples," Waka said.

As they continue to bring up Gucci Mane attending career day, and the fact that parents were upset about it, Waka Flocka can't help but laugh. He said, "I feel like, when I was a kid, rappers wasn't that cool. They [career day] more so glorified people that made the world better. I feel like you should have a rapper, sometimes not even athlete, to come see a kid." Waka added, "Man, you don't need no education for rapping, period." Do you agree with him?

[Update: In the final minutes of his interview, Waka Flocka announces the release date for his next album, Flockavelli 2. He says it'll drop on October 5th, the same day the original Flockavelli dropped.]

To find everything that Waka's been up too check out the full interview below.