Waka Flocka Gives Advice To Aspiring Rappers

Danny Schwartz
July 25, 2015 19:04

Flocka dispenses wisdom to aspiring rappers.

Waka Flocka sat down with an interview with Jen Deleon of Skee.tv backstage at a concert to discuss how his views on the music industry has evolved over the years and dispense advice to those interested in pursuing a rap career.

Good music does not translate to stardom, he says. "Being a musical star is like going to the NBA. Just because you shined in college don't mean you gonna be an NBA star. Just because you have great music or some great street shit don't mean you gonna shine all day."

Flocka advises aspiring rappers to be careful when signing contracts (“A paycheck can’t change your life…. shit wears out” ) and advises against pretending to play rich (“The rich know you not rich”).

For more of our old friend Jen Deleon, see her recent interview with Machine Gun Kelly. For more Flocka wisdom, see his exclusive interview with HNHH.

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