Travis Reinking is a terrorist who murdered four people in cold blood at a Nashville area Waffle House his past weekend. Reinking has a very troubled history of mental health issues, but he was still able to acquire guns, and reacquire the same weapons, after he was arrested for trespassing in a restricted White House area on one occasion, and telling police that he was being stalked by Taylor Swift on another occasion. Somehow this homegrown terrorist was apprehended peacefully, and Reinking is currently sitting behind bars. 

According to TMZWaffle House is stepping up and offering to pay for all funeral expenses for the victims' families. They have also offered to take care of hero James Shaw Jr., who was able to disarm Reinking while he was reloading. Not only have they offered to pay Shaw's medical expenses, Waffle House would also like to take care of the medical bills for anyone that was injured during the massacre as well. Pat Warner, Waffle House's director of PR, told TMZ that the company's CEO and Senior Management team has personally visited with the victims and their families. 

Reinking was arrested on Monday, and was given a bond of $2 million, which was later revoked, according to CNN. He will now have a bond hearing on Wednesday.