Things got a bit spicy over on Clubhouse after Wack 100 and 21 Savage exchanged a few heated words. Although the Clubhouse hype has dissipated in recent months, artists are still having the time of their lives on the app. As the world awaited the arrival of Kanye West's Donda—which has yet to materialize—Akademiks, Tekashi 6ix9ine, Wack 100, and 21 Savage were all in a Clubhouse room having a chat when things went left.

A clip of the escalating argument was posted to social media, and while what prefaced the blowout has yet to be shared, listeners can hear Wack and 21 disagreeing. 6ix9ine was egging it on in true trolling fashion as Wack spoke over everyone to make sure his voice was heard. "Listen to me bro, I've met you before, you've been real humble," said Wack to 21. "Me and you both know, n*gga, if you was standing in front of me right now, you wouldn't have that energy."

21 Savage yelled that the assertion was "cap" as 6ix9ine laughed and instigated the exchange. "N*gga, I'll beat yo motherf*ckin' lil' ass," Wack continued. "You lil' bitty ass boy. I will beat your lil' ass, little bitty ass boy... It's cool that you don't agree with what I'm sayin', but n*gga, I'm not no rapper, n*gga. I will f*ck you up, n*gga."

Wack 100 suggested that he make a trip down to Atlanta to settle the score as moderators continued to try to get 6ix9ine to stop yelling over him. 21 took the verbal hits in stride and remained silent, but after repeated threats were tossed his way, the Southern rapper told Wack to "say less." Wack replied, "What we doin', my n*gga? You comin' out here or I'm comin' out there? Cause we can get down, n*gga!"

Check out the clip below.