Wack 100 is best known for his work as a music manager, working with the likes of The Game, Blueface, and others. One of the men behind Cash Money West, Wack 100 is well-respected in the rap game. There are also many people who may have a reason to try and take him out of the equation. That almost became a reality when Wack 100's car was shot up this week.

The West Coast music executive shared a photo on Instagram of a busted window in his car, suggesting that it came from enemy gunfire.

Wack 100 shooting
Johnny Nunez/Getty Images

"Next time try the drivers side so we can have some fun," wrote Wack on social media, challenging his car's shooters. "Cross the street with running shoes on. 1 shot clip n***a ! Smh YALL that scared of me huh."

According to his statement, Wack 100 is fully aware of who tried to whack him. He seemingly witnessed the whole thing go down before the gunman ran across the street and took cover.

Thankfully, Wack is safe and has not been harmed. Fans of the music manager have been sending their well wishes to the star, telling him that he should be counting his lucky stars after this incident.

Take a look at the picture below.