2019 might not be the year of Soulja Boy big comeback after all since he might be spending the remainder of the year behind bars. A judge sentenced Big Draco to 240 days in jail for a probation violation. However, if Wack100 has anything to do with it, Soulja Boy might actually be back in a few months.

"He’ll be out for the #BET awards," he wrote on Instagram alongside a video of Soulja Boy's sentencing. "Somebody DM me his info so I can go drop some money on his books ... @eone_music get that record to me ima make sure @souljaboy stays working while he’s away."

In mid-April, Soulja Boy was taken into police custody and held without bail over a probation violation. The judge claimed that Soulja Boy was trying to cut corners with his required community service hours, saying he even conspired to falsify evidence proving that he completed it.

Unfortunately, what led to his incarceration is a raid on his California home earlier this year. Police went to his home to investigate into a claim that his ex-girlfriend made that he held her captive in his garage. During the raid, police found ammunition which violates his probation from a 2014 weapons case.

The BET Awards will be taking place at the Staples Center in Los Angeles on June 23rd. We'll see if Wack100 can get Big Draco out by then.