Wack100 is still on a rampage when it comes to beef with other celebrities and this time, his target is set on YG. We previously reported on Wack100 calling out certain rappers for lying about previous gang ties and tying YG into the aforementioned category. Over on Wack's page, he shared a text image where he called out rappers who say they're about that street life but really, they're just manufactured wannabes. "One thing I respect is this - Blueface came into this rap game Crip'n," Wack wrote. "The Game came into it Piru'n - Mozzy came into it Blood'n - some of you n*ggas was wearing skinny jeans and dancing without a gang slogan coming out ya mouth until you got enough money to buy you a set." The two got into it over IG with YG penning to Wack: "You shoulda @‘d me big gangsta og piru god father," the rapper wrote. He added another comment that was a stream of laughing emojis." And now reports by OnSmash indicate that Blueface's manager is standing by his claims. 


Wack100 recently shared a photo of YG throwing a gang sign which Wack called out as not being a Piru set sign. The photo shows YG throwing the side underneath a text that speaks on YG using gang affiliations to push forth his music career. Wack then captioned: "All I know is that ain't a Piru set ya throwing up and I'm not gone put ya off on the Figueora or DENA boys...#UrALilNigga I always been #818." Clearly, neither of these two will be done anytime soon.