He's not one to bite his tongue, and now Wack 100 has a few words for YG. The Compton rapper's collaboration, "Bop," with Tyga and Blueface was just released on Friday and the trio seemed to enjoy making music together. However, there's something brewing behind the scenes between YG and Blueface's manager because things got a tad testy on Instagram on Friday evening.

Over on Wack's page, he shared a text image where he called out rappers who say they're about that street life but really, they're just manufactured wannabes. "One thing I respect is this - Blueface came into this rap game Crip'n," Wack wrote. "The Game came into it Piru'n - Mozzy came into it Blood'n - some of you n*ggas was wearing skinny jeans and dancing without a gang slogan coming out ya mouth until you got enough money to buy you a set."

Wack captioned the photo by writing, "Wish a n*gga would say a word I’ll embarrassed the f*ck outta n*gga playing with me !!!! Enough is enough if it’s on let it be on." He didn't name any names, but YG slid in his comments to jokingly confirm that he may be the target of the message. "You shoulda @‘d me big gangsta og piru god father," the rapper wrote. He added another comment that was a stream of laughing emojis.

Blueface's manager came back with an aggressive response by saying, "@yg @DefjamYG was how you came into this sh*t ! I think you bigger than the funk ! School Yards saved your ass at that studio wasn’t no Damu’s #BigWy coached you on your first 'BLOOD' verse to come out your mouth ! If it was a problem N*gga i told @Tyga to take us off and by the way I got the screen shots your team ain’t loyal. You better bick back."

Earlier this year, Wack ruffled a few feathers after he blasted E-40 and called Cyn Santana a thot. He pretended to have beef with Mike Tyson, but later it was revealed the pair were just trolling.