Wack 100 is no stranger to criticism in his life, especially when it comes to voicing his opinion. Since the passing of Nipsey Hussle, Wack 100 has been strangely vocal about his disdain for the rapper. Of course, Nip's people have also been vocal in defending his name including All Money In artist J. Stone. Most recently, Stone took aim at Wack 100 over an alleged confrontation.

"Aye @wack100 you a Bitch in Real Life!!” he wrote. “And to keep it all the way 100, Nigga Nip hopped out on yo ass, got in yo face and pressed you and told you keep his name out yo mouth. You ain’t do shit but break it down to em."

"Fatts (RIP) was right there bout to knocc yo ass out. You bowed it down! Now since the homie ain’t here, you hard now?" He continued. "THE REAL REASON WHY YOU DONT LIKE THE HOMIE IS CAUSE HE MARKED YOU OUT WHEN HE WAS HERE AND YOU AINT DO SHIT!"

Wack 100 quickly clapped back at J. Stone with a message reading, "All Money In Someone Elses Account" before threatening to pull his verse from The Game's album. "WHERE YA MONEY @ ? MATTER FACT IM DELETING YOU OFF MY ALBUM NIGGA YOU GOT THE WORST VERSE EVER——— YOU WASN’T BORN TO RAP ——-," he said.

Check out the exchange between the two below.