There was reported chaos at Blueface's home after his protegé Chrisean Rock wouldn't leave the property. Chrisean was one of several women who first got herself involved with Blueface after signing up to live in his home while battling it out in the boxing ring. For weeks, ladies fought one another for an opportunity to work with the rapper and Chrisean seemed to survive the cut.

She has released music here and there and sometimes, Chrisean makes headlines over her Blueface-inspired tattoos that he does not seem to appreciate. As a regular staple, most people believed these two were doing just fine behind the scenes, but according to social media, Rock went Live and reportedly stated that she was locked in the restroom during a domestic dispute.

What unfolded was mayhem that made its way to the internet in bits and pieces. In clips, an irate Wack 100, Blueface's manager, is angered because Chrisean wouldn't leave the residence. It looked as if police were eventually called to help calm the situation, yet still, Chrisean remained unmoved.

Wack told the police that Chrisean broke the windows at another home but she denied it. Authorities were looking to escort her off of the property but she kept asking them to check the mail so that they could confirm that she was a resident, not a guest.

This was all taking place while Livestreaming and the public were weighing in heavily in the comment section. Check it out below.