After he was sentenced to 35 years in prison for the murder of Clive "Lizard" Williams, Vybz Kartel has been understandably absent from music for the most part. While he has popped up on tracks with Sean Kingston, Tory Lanez, and Busta Rhymes in the last year, Vybz has been serving his time quietly without much action on his part. These days, it's a lot easier to make a message from jail than it may have been years ago. With Kodak Black and Tay-K serving time at the moment, we have heard from both of them on several occasions. Jamaican legend Vybz has been critiqued recently for bleaching his skin, a practice that is typically frowned upon in the mainstream. The musician attempted to liken his bleaching to women wearing wigs in a new Instagram post, telling people to check themselves before coming for him.

The self-proclaimed "King of the Dancehall" made a statement on his skin bleaching, saying, "99.99% of Black Women (1)cream their hair or (2)wear 'caucasian' wigs." Attempting to liken himself to women who alter their natural hair, Vybz' statistics seem a little off. Nevertheless, he continued, "Question; ARE YOU BRAZILIAN? But u want BRAZILIAN HAIR! Or some other form of hair that is NOT african. As a matter of fact, BLACK PEOPLE CALL WHITE PEOPLES HAIR 'pretty hair.'" Vybz ended his rant by stating, "BLACK PEOPLE CHECK YOURSELF BEFORE YOU CHECK SOMEONE ELSE," making sure that no one comes for him for his skin bleaching again.

Looking at a side-by-side comparison of the man from a few years ago and now, the extent of his body modification is extremely clear. Check out his post below, as well as photos of him showing his transformation.