Music writer David Drake once wrote that "Hating the Migos is like hating pizza." Indeed. Takeoff, the leavened bread; Offset, the succulent sauce; Quavo, the salty mozzarella. Three ingredients synergizing to form an end product infinitely greater than the sum of its parts.

The Migos' legendary telepathic communication in the studio has produced an unfathomably deep catalog. But what is the Migos greatest song? It is a question that has been debated ad nauseam on internet forums. We've narrowed the prospective list down ten:

  • "Versace"
  • "Hannah Montana"
  • "Fight Night"
  • "Handsome & Wealthy"
  • "Freak No More"
  • "Pipe It Up"
  • "Bando"
  • "Cocoon"
  • "Bad and Boujee"
  • "T-Shirt"

Cast your vote in the poll below. If the GOAT Migos song not on the list, please select "OTHER" at the bottom of the poll and submit your argument in the comments.