Almost all the tracks on The Life of Pablo are great. The one I've probably played the least is the one that doesn't have a beat, "I Love Kanye," the a cappella track that landed between "Freestyle 4" and "Waves." Still, it's an essential part of the album, finding Kanye amused by the tendency of the public to pit different "Kanyes," defined by each mini-era throughout his music career, against one another. It's indicative of the control we want to hold over Kanye when he does something we don't like, and Kanye's message is that his capacity for self-love -- which has persisted through College Dropout Kanye, to "Yeezus," to "Pablo" -- is what has made him such an iconic artist. If only others could do the same...

In any case, we can't knock anyone for missing the "old Kanye," and many producers tried to bring him back by providing soulful, sample-heavy backdrops to his "I Love Kanye" a cappella. The first remix came from Chicago producer Stefan Ponce, who set the bar extremely high with his sampling of The Dramatics' "I Dedicate My Life to You." Those who followed were even bigger names, though, including Key Wane and DJ Premier

"I'm a street DJ and when a good a cappella is naked, you put some clothes on it," said Premier of his decision give the TLOP track his signature "Preemix." Unfortunately, Premier's mix has been taken down, though those of you who heard it the first time will likely recall its quality. You can catch a snippet here, via 2DopeBoyz. 

After Premo, the remixes kept coming, including collaborative efforts from the Florida team of J.U.S.T.I.C.E. League and 8 Bars, and a back-to-back/two-in-one remix pack from New Yorkers DJ Green Lantern and Statik Selektah

Then came a few younger challengers, including trappers Murda Beatz and TM88, both more interested in the "new Kanye," and they injected each of their reworks with trap-fueled adrenaline, making their versions more suited for the club. At least the clubs in ATL, that is. 

Another Atlantan, Ducko Mcfli, soon stepped up, though he went the old Kanye route, before segueing into something else entirely, perhaps a realm that awaits Kanye in the future. There's no embed available for Ducko's edit, though you can hear it over on his website. The last remix, thus far, comes from Save Money's King Thelonious, whose lush sample work is something to behold. 

Look at all those talents...there's not a weak track in the bunch. Take a listen through the versions you may not have peeped yet, and then vote for your favorite "I Love Kanye" below!