Von Miller has been one of the best defensive players in the NFL for quite some time now and while the Denver Broncos haven't always been the best team in the league during that time, fans have always come to know they can expect the best from Miller on any given Sunday. Coming into this season, the Broncos aren't exactly favored to be a post-season threat although many figured they would see an improvement from last season, especially with their quarterback situation figured out.

Unfortunately, the team has suffered a massive setback as Miller suffered a dislocated tendon. According to Ian Rapoport of the NFL Network, Miller will now have to undergo surgery to repair it which means his season is likely over before it even started. This puts the Broncos at a massive disadvantage as they will now be without their top defensive player.

This is surely a disappointing development for the Broncos star although we're sure he will be working hard to get back into the lineup, as quickly as possible.

Meanwhile, the NFL finally makes its triumphant return tonight as the defending champion Kansas City Chiefs take on the Houston Texans. By all indications, this season is going to be a lot of fun.