Virgil Abloh's signature brand Off-White can be easily spotted thanks to its unique post-modern aesthetic. Whether it be the quotation marks, the red zip tie that absolutely needs to be kept on the garment, or the diagonal arrows, Abloh's designs are memorable, even if you're not a fan of them. One of the brands that seem to be a big fan of Abloh's work, is bracelet company Rastaclat. The brand has started selling bracelets called "Off-Clat" which have quotation marks on them and the signature red tag. The bracelets are sold for $18 and can be found at retailers like Amazon and The Finish Line.

According to HighSnobiety, Off-White has not taken too kindly to the imitation and have filed a lawsuit against Rastaclat in Los Angeles. The brand claims that Rastaclat's bracelets will confuse consumers into thinking they are actually made by Off-White, all while violating the brand's exclusive rights.

It's interesting to note that Off-White does not have federal registration for these particular design traits, although the brand is saying that these elements are so ingrained in the brand that they have amassed “significant common law trademark” on them. 

Consumers know exactly what Off-White is popular for and the brand is banking on those associations to help them win their case.