As part of Paris Fashion Week, Virgil Abloh took his signature brand Off-White to the runway where he had a couple of hip-hop celebrity cameos in Playboi Carti and Offset of Migos. Abloh was showing off the Fall/Winter 2019 collection for Off-White and as part of the show, some of the models were wearing football helmets. Considering runway walking isn't a contact sport, the inclusion of football attire raised a few eyebrows.

At one point you can see models wearing various different football helmets including those of the Los Angeles Chargers, Texas Longhorns, Clemson Tigers and even Iowa.

As you can see in the Instagram post above, Don C snapped a quick photo of the Chargers and Longhorns helmets standing side by side.

Other photos were snapped of the models both wearing and holding the helmets.

Virgil has not explained why he decided to include athletic gear in his show, but considering it's Virgil, we're not surprised he would do something so abstract. It's kind of his schtick at this point.