Virgil Abloh is one of the most famous designers in the world thanks to his work with Off-White and most recently, Louis Vuitton. With great success comes a ton of obstacles and Abloh is no stranger to that fact. Over the past few months, Abloh has seen a couple of lawsuits come his way and now, yet another has been filed. According to the Fashion Law, a photographer by the name of Jawad Elatab is suing Abloh's Canary Yellow LLC for posting a photo of Bella Hadid on his IG story.

Elatab says he was the one who took the photo and that Abloh never obtained a license to post it. Essentially, is filing a copyright infringement suit and is looking to receive damages and profits from Abloh's post. If he can't receive profits, Elatab is hoping to get up to $150,000 for every post Abloh used without consent. The photographer is going for more than just damages through as he hopes to recoup all of his legal fees. 

image via complaint

Image via The Fashion Law

Abloh has yet to comment on the impending lawsuit and will have to wait to see how it all plays out. These types of lawsuits are common as even celebrities have been sued for posting images of themselves without a proper license.