Kanye West has been teasing his Yandhi album for months now. It was supposed to come out around Black Friday but then Ye needed to do more work on it. Although it's not here in full as we would like, we have gotten word from Virgil Abloh that it's a stellar piece of work, getting us even more ready to hear the final piece. 

"He's dedicated his life to sort of finding the melting pot but he does it with his eyes closed," Abloh told Gilles Peterson about Kanye's power of collaboration. "It's an amazing sonic thing. ... You know, he's a producer, he produces clothing, he's a designer, he's an artist. But from someone that was so close to those albums in the past, it's intense."

Admitting that he's heard the new project, Abloh explained how the tape "is absolutely insane production wise."

"You know, jaw dropped from the very first thing I heard all the way to the end," he added. "You know, a guy like Kanye West, you know, he's . . . a better artist because he's able to make it through [being where he's not supposed to be]."

Listen to the full interview below and let us know what you think.