Virgil Abloh is perhaps the biggest name in all of streetwear and fashion right now although as it stands, he is catching quite a bit of heat on social media thanks to his recent stance on all of the protests going on across the United States. Following the death of George Floyd, people are upset and amongst the peaceful protesters, there have also been some riots and destruction of property.

Fellow streetwear influencer Sean Wotherspoon had his store vandalized and Abloh decided to take aim at those who did it claiming he was disgusted. This led to a strong reaction from fans who felt like Abloh was dismissing the concerns of the protesters. Later on, Abloh tried to rectify his comments with a $50 donation to a bail fund, which prompted even more social media vitriol.

The vast majority of the criticism stemmed from the fact that Abloh sells clothes for an obscene amount of money and that a pair of Off-White socks costs way more than the $50 he donated. While people can be supportive in any way they see fit, some fans were disappointed at how little Abloh wanted to contribute to such an important cause.

Abloh's name is still trending on social media and the memes were certainly flying. Check out some of the reactions, below.