Spongebob Squarepants has taken center stage as the to-go meme lately. Several users have made use of Spongebob's drag attire to place him in a variety of different international settings and caption it accordingly. While viral memes always seem to come out of nowhere, this one is truly unexpected. The international drag queen version of Spongebob thus far has been placed in Paris, Italy, and Egypt amongst other places and the beloved cartoon is only getting popular by the minute. Though, this would not be the first time a character from Spongebob Squarepants takes over as a meme. As you may recall, an out-of-breath Spongebob was the previous go-to along with the evil Patrick meme. 

The new Spongebob meme involves the popular cartoon sporting some fresh lipstick, a purse, and a dress. It has since gone onto become one of the funniest international memes to date. Social media users began using the meme in a video and accompanying it with music so it caters to multiple nations and stereotypes. Depending on the country to which the meme is assigned, the songs differ from Parisian sounds of "La Vie En Rose" to Egyptian rhythms when Cleopatra is involved. Check out the series of memes below.