If you're not familiar with the work of teenage rap sensation Matt Ox, then you're about to hear a lot more about him in the near future.

Known primarily for his track "Overwhelming," the up-and-coming rapper has built a healthy following online, with his videos raking in tens of millions of views online and his social media accounts becoming more popular by the day. The 12-year-old Philadelphia native took the next big step in his musical career, signing a record deal with Warner Bros., according to a report from DJ Booth. The label had actually already picked up "Overwhelming" and re-released the single, which you can grab on iTunes/Apple Music and Spotify. The announcement comes on the heels of "Cash Me Outside" girl Danielle Bregoli inking a deal with Atlantic Records. Whether or not this is a short term deal or not, Ox's management doesn't want the rapper to be thrown into the same category as Bhad Bhabie.

In a response to the DJ Booth article, Finesse, who is the co-owner of Ox's management/production company Working on Dying, LLC,  said the following: "Warner was interested just like every label was because we did something that they want to do at a lower cost and more direct. We got a great deal because of our business, not internet bulls**t. We have to do it again and we will." Finesse also revealed that the label signed a partnership with Working on Dying, LLC. This means that, besides Ox, the company now has three of the company's producers on their roster: Oogiemane (who produced "Overwhelming"), Brandon Finessin and Forza.

"Don't group him with Danielle Brigoli," Finesse continued in an extended email exchange. "Matt has been making music way longer, y'all just took notice. At what point do we allow the kids in the game and give them time to actually develop into artists?" Although exact terms of the deal weren't disclosed, Finesse did insist that Ox has been promised time and room to develop his skills. Ox is supposedly halfway through recording his freshman album and has his sights set on releasing a new single called "Messages" in the near future. You can check out his No Jumper interview below as well.