Generation Z and millennials truly must be onto something because a new viral challenge or trend always comes around. When Game of Thrones was still around, the captivating scene where Arya Stark killed the Knight King resulted in the hilarious #AryaStarkChallenge. And that alone was an example of the numerous ways social media takes inspiration from the media to strike up a novel challenge. However this time, the new craze appears to be airborne and stems out of a simple act we assume no one ever thought of before--the "number neighbor." The rules herein are simple, take your phone number and remove the last digit. Then simply text the phone numbers with a digit one up and one down from you. The latter has resulted in mixed reactions from people and their "number neighbors."

While some did not get a response (sadly), others have gotten interesting results. In some cases, users were in fact shamed by their number neighbors who happened to be much younger than them and mocked them for even partaking in the fad. Others made new friends and even acquired words of encouragement from their friendly number neighbor. Check out our favorite reactions below. Would you try this?