You may recall the insanely heartwarming video of a father and his toddler that went viral at the start of the month, and which left about 60 million people around the world with a pretty intense case of baby fever.  In the awwww-inspiring clip, a father can be seen having a full-on conversation with his little one about a television show they're both watching. "Did you understand it though?" asks the father before his son responds with an emphatic "No!" Eventually, they get to rambling about pretty much nothing, making gestures every now and then, with the video ending with the two sides agreeing that they think a lot alike and papa breaking out into a hearty laugh. Though the baby was the clear star of this video many praised his father for exhibiting such great parenting skills, showing his son how to interact socially and hold conversations. Now, a couple of weeks later, Denny's has invited the two to appear in an equally wholesome commercial for Father's Day 

Detzin and Kingston Pryor star in their very own (absolutely PRECIOUS) Denny’s commercial, which sees the two being their usual talkative selves over a classic breakfast of eggs bacon and pancakes. This time, the conversation steers towards little Kingston's favorite cartoons (and he sure has a LOT to say), with Kingston adorably feeding his father bacon. The outro sees the two sharing a heartfelt hug, with the subtitles "Booths were made for quality time for dad," and Detzin lovingly saying "you buttered me up" to his baby boy. Though Denny’s hasn’t always had the best reputation when it comes to their treatment of Black folks, it's nice to see them showcasing positive images of Black fatherhood.