Vince Staples delivered some great news on Twitter last night as he revealed that he is now off probation. The reason for Staples' probation is unclear as of right now but all we know is that Vince is pretty excited about it all. As he usually does when something happens to him, the "745" rapper took to Twitter to update everyone on his situation and crack jokes at the exact same time.

"We finally off probation and on the way to getting the whole shabang expunged let the record reflect I’m finna be jetsetting R.I.P. Anthony Courdain !" Vince wrote.

The rapper then explained how the last time he was so excited about something, he was playing pop warner football as a little kid. In the same tweet, he even thanked Meek Mill, his mother, and the crips for inspiring him to break away from his previous life.

"I ain’t been this excited since my dad put rims on the Maxima right after we beat the Mission Viejo Cowboys," Vince joked. "Stay out the system Black people! Thank you’s to Meek Mill my Mama and the Crips for the motivation to escape."

Staples finished off by thanking the Compton Sheriff that searched him and ended up landing him in legal hot water in the first place.

Regardless, we're just glad Vince is off probation and can live life to the fullest.