If you're among those patiently awaiting a return from Vince Staples, rest assured the tides of fortune are upon you. It would appear the mind behind "Crippy Teigen" has decided new music is imminent, making sure to announce the news in his trademark sardonic delivery.

"You know them tweets everybody send out insinuating they got new music ? This one of those," writes Vince, via Twitter. It's been a minute since we last heard from Staples; his last notable effort came equipped with an amusing promotional campaign, in which he invited fans to crowdsource his retirement. Upon failing to meet the required goal, Staples dropped off "Get The Fu*k Off My Dick" as a reward to those who championed his longevity. Since then, it's been quiet from the rapper, though that seems likely to change.

For now, Staples' promises seem to center around the purgatorial realm of "coming soon," which is, of course, open to interpretation. Yet it wouldn't be surprising if Staples wanted to stake his claim on the stellar musical year of 2018, though to what capacity is unknown. An album might be greedy, but what are we if not dreamers?