Joe Budden has made a name for himself as a fiery figure and interviewer in the rap game who isn't afraid to stand his ground or get aggressive. Consequently, Vince Staples as also established himself as a speaker of controversial truths, though he tends to scream significantly less than Joe does.

Now, at long last, the two of them will collide for a one-on-one conversation in the newest episode of Joe Budden's YouTube series, Pull Up. The show started back in April, as a replacement for his commentator gig on Everyday Struggle. The series has had 5 episodes so far, with a rotating cast of guests related to the hip-hop world, but it seems that Joe and Vince are alone here. 

Joe announced the collaboration on his Instagram, posting three screenshots from the upcoming episode. The two of them are sitting in a dark studio, with only the lights from the table lamps to illuminate them. Joe couldn't have bothered to give us an actual video preview, so it's impossible to know what it is they're discussing. However, based on Vince's face in the second picture, Joe is probably telling him something that he doesn't agree with. 

With these two clashing personalities, something interesting is sure to go down. The next episode of Pull Up will premiere on Saturday on the Joe BuddenYouTube channel. As for Vince, he's got his own shows in the works. Check out Joe's sneak peak of his conversation with Vince Staples in the Instagram post below.