Vince Staples is known for being outspoken. He doesn't care to restrain from saying things even if it might spark some controversy. During a Coachella interview over the weekend, the rapper went off on R. Kelly and said he's a child molester that pisses on people and is also illiterate. While the majority of the internet found it incredibly hilarious, it seems as if R. Kelly did not find any humor in this.

Vince Staples' commentary on R. Kelly might've been hilarious but the "Pied Piper" apparently didn't see any humor in it. A few hours after saying that people were overreacting to his "logical take on Robert Kelly," he tweeted out that R. Kelly's people are apparently on the hunt for him.

"I just got a text saying R. Kelly people is looking for me. Guess it’s time to get security, the Pied Piper is coming...." he wrote on Twitter. "It’s always the high note hitting niggas who too tough to get clowned life is crazy."

Staples' thoughts on R. Kelly align with how many people perceive the controversial singer. Staples also brought up Kellz alleged sex ring in Atlanta during his interview. Shortly after, news surfaced that R. Kelly was facing allegations of knowingly transmitting an STD to his alleged sexual assault victim.