Vince Staples is a talented emcee whose album, Big Fish Theory, was among the highest-rated and most admired album that we reviewed on our site this year. However, much to the dismay of many in the rap community, Vince's LP was nowhere to be found as a nominee in either the Album of the Year or Best Rap Album categories. It's a blow that must have been at least slightly difficult to take for Staples, but the rapper is eyeing a specific culprit that may have been responsible for his snub: poor album sales.

In a since-deleted tweet, Vince talked about his lack of a Grammy nod with the kind of realistic nonchalance that many of his fans often associate with his overall demeanor. Though it might come across as a tad prickly, there's some truth in what he's saying, which was in response to a fan admitting that he listened to the album "every day for like 3 months." Check out the exchange below.

While it's a pretty laid-back response, you can sense some annoyance with the situation in general from the rapper. "Look, you dont get the point," he said. "The point is they not listening to that much n***a music so if Im selling 30k I dont got that good of a shot." That's certainly part of the story, since album sales are part of the Grammy nomination criteria, but it shouldn't be the entire tale. Alas, as with most other entertainment awards, not as much love from the public, in terms of money coming in, will more often than not result in an album or any other work falling by the wayside for the decision makers. However, Vince seemed to have some pretty good alternate plans going on when he found out about the snub:

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